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  • The Ultimate Enlightenment

​The ultimate goal of Maharaj's Mission is to enlighten mankind to its real nature of godhood so that man can enjoy universal love, harmony and peace in every aspect of life. His teachings encompass everything man needs for his self adjustment and self elevation to maintain love and proper relationships. This book explains that by following the principles of life and growth, along with the environment, both materially and spiritually, is the common religion of mankind. To awaken the same spirit of God in man's life is the common spiritual practice of every faith.


  • God, Guru & You 

​Maharaj speaks of attainable ideals in all the interconnected aspects of life, individual, conjugal, social, economic, and political. He says that to follow the principles of life and growth, materially and spiritually, is the common religion of all mankind. To awaken the same spirit of God within each person through love, faith and following the commandments of their Mediator is the common spiritual practice of devotees of every faith. This book presents guidelines for the followers of all faiths necessary to attain Salvation and Eternal Life.

  • Messages

In this book Maharaj explains that God is One and that all faiths are fundamentally the same. He teaches how there is no meaning in belonging to any faith without fully imbibing the teachings of that faith. If one is fully plugged to one's faith the whole being will be transformed  in order to realise the  full potential of a person's goodness and greatness and at the same time live a normal life.  This book contains a selection of messages that explain how to sublimate the problems and confinement of the mortal self to achieve freedom, universal love and Salvation.

  • Man & Woman

This book is a compilation of words about man and woman given by Sree Sree Mentu Maharaj over many years. His spontaneous insights address individual circumstances and continue to have universal relevance today.

The causes of many problems in life are found in the complex relationships between men and women. Many difficulties can be overcome by recognizing small yet significant differences between the sexes, or by understanding seemingly insignificant yet fundamental behaviour traits.


  • Solace Lore
Maharaj spoke and sang spontaneously many words of love, truth and inspiration throughout his lifetime. Some were written down as he spoke, some recorded on tape, and some recorded on video. This collection of sayings or mottos was among the first to be published. This epub version is the third publication of Solace Lore.
All of the above titles are available from United Satsang Publications.

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